Concurso Internacional de Arquitectura Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales es una competencia internacional de ideas que desafia la creatividad de los participantes invitando a desarrollar fantasticas y visionarias propuestas de diseño basadas en la narrativa.

Blank Space, plataforma online de arquitectura, convoca a la participar de este novedoso concurso en el que los participantes deberan desarrollar audaces propuestas de diseño que provoquen la imaginacion, combinando textos de ficcion que cuenten historias de arquitectura con innovadoras propuestas de representacion grafica.

Arquitectos, ingenieros, diseñadores, ilustradores, contadores de historias, estudiantes y creativos de todo el mundo, en forma individual o grupal, estan invitados a participar de la competencia. Se incentiva especialmente la participacion de equipos multidisciplinarios.

Cierre del concurso: 31 de enero de 2014
Los resultados se anunciaran en febrero de 2014

1º Premio: 1,250 USD
2º Premio: 600 USD
3º Premio: 400 USD
Menciones de honor: el jurado seleccionara 10 menciones de honor

Ademas, una vez finalizado el concurso, los trabajos seleccionados se difundiran en el primer numero de la revista Blank Space, en el sitio web de Blank Space y en los media partners de todo el mundo.

Will Alsop de All Design
Paula Scher de Pentagram
Mitchell Joachim de Terreform ONE
Nigel Coates de Nigel Coates Studio
Jack Zipes de la Universidad de Minesota
Francesco Lipari de Cityvision

Mas informacion:

A continuacion se transcribe la informacion en ingles, idioma oficial de la competencia, y se adjuntan las bases del concurso en PDF:

Fairy Tales competition brief

Fairy Tales is an open, international, ideas competition that challenges creatives from all professional realms to develop visionary, narrative-based design proposals.

Architecture competitions are the lifeblood of the profession, but they haven’t changed that much in the past 100 years. Architects are still designing single building typologies like skyscrapers, museums, and houses ad infinitum. By retreating into itself, architecture has lost its ability to send universal messages, to represent culture in its time, and to address issues that are at the core of human existence. That is why Blank Space, an online platform for architecture, is launching the world’s first architecture storytelling competition: “Fairy Tales”.

Fairy Tales challenges participants to develop visionary proposals that take fun seriously and are audacious enough to ignite imaginations. The proposals will combine text-based architectural fairy tales with innovative graphic representations, and in doing so, seek to unlock the power of architecture by improving the way that it is shared, digested, and communicated.

For additional information, and to register for the competition, please visit

To assess the entrants to the competition, Blank Space curated a team of experts who are each redefining their respective professions. The jury includes: Paula Scher, Partner at Pentagram; Will Alsop, Director at All Design; Mitchell Joachim, Co-President of Terreform ONE; Nigel Coates, Founder of Nigel Coates Studio; Jack Zipes, Professor Emeritus of German and Comparative Literature at the University of Minnesota; and Francesco Lipari, Co-founder of Cityvision.

Procedure of participation
Blank Space: Fairy Tales is a single phase competition. Participation is open to architects, engineers, designers, illustrators, students and creatives worldwide. Individual or group entries are permitted. Multiple entries per individual or team are permitted, but each submission must be registered and paid for separately. The indication of a group leader is mandatory. Proposals do not need to be generated exclusively for this competition, but they must address the intent of the competition and should not have been published elsewhere before.

The official language of the competition is English. All proposals must be submitted in English.

Architects, engineers, designers, illustrators, writers, storytellers, students and creatives worldwide are invited to participate in the competition. We encourage multidisciplinary teams to enter.

Deadline: January 31, 2014
Results Announced: February 2014

1st Place: 1,250 USD
2nd Place: 600 USD
3rd Place: 400 USD
Honorable mentions: The jury will select up to 10 honorable mentions.

The life of the submissions doesn’t stop at the conclusion of the competition. Subsequent to the competition, Blank Space is launching the inaugural issue of Blank Space Magazine. Select entries will be included in the magazine, as well as featured prominently on the Blank Space website, and published by our media partners and other outlets around the world.

For additional information, and to register for the competition, please visit

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