Concurso Nature Observatory of Monsanto (NOM)

Arqfolium convoca a jovenes arquitectos y estudiantes a participar del Concurso Nature Observatory of Monsanto (NOM). La inscripcion cierra el 17 de abril de 2015.

El objetivo del concurso es proponer ideas para un observatorio en contacto intimo con la naturaleza, para el aprendizaje y observacion de la misma, las vistas panoramicas de la ciudad de Lisboa, el rio Tajo y el oceano. El proyecto estara emplazado en el Parque Forestal Monsanto, ubicado en Serra de Monsanto, Lisboa, Portugal.

Registro especial: desde 15 de enero al 15 de febrero de 2015 (€ 20,00)
Registro normal: desde 16 de febrero al 15 de marzo de 2015 (€ 25,00)
Registro tardio: desde 16 de marzo al 17 de abril de 2015 (€ 30,00)

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Nature Observatory of Monsanto (NOM)

The objective of the Nature Observatory of Monsanto contest (NOM) is the creation of ideas for a project in which the nature immersion experiences from Monsanto Forest Park, the unique views over the city of Lisbon, Tagus River, and ocean can be learned and observed through intimate contact with nature. The use of the pre-existing abandoned building of Monsanto Panoramic Restaurant is optional, however, and with a wide area of intervention is encouraged reflection on the structure present there.

The Nature Observatory of Monsanto (NOM) aims to be an innovative reference to the dissemination of knowledge about the diversity of the natural environment of Monsanto, providing spaces for educational activities integrated in a free and natural environment, as well as becoming a mandatory waypoint for tourist route along the Forest Park.

Taking into account the strong viewpoint character of Lisbon, the project should establish a close dialogue with the landscape and natural surroundings of this unique situation, taking advantage of the fact that it is located above any viewpoint in the city. Sustainability and self-sufficiency of the project are also important points to be evaluated. Since this is an area of difficult access, it can be a starting point for a reflection on the relationship between the Observatory’s intervention area and the rest of the Forest Park.

The incentive is to think of a space that dominates the visitor/nature relationship, a space that encourages eco-tourism and invites the public to learn about the importance of taking care of the environment.

The Monsanto Forest Park is located in the Serra de Monsanto, municipality of Lisbon. With an area of about 900HA composed by large areas of diverse woods, about 10% of Lisbon’s municipality. The park includes play areas that provide residents and visitors a variety of activities such as extreme sports, hiking, outdoor activities, plays, concerts, fairs, and exhibitions.

Although the dense forest is not a welcoming place for man, its contrast with the few open panoramic views of the city, the Tagus River and the Atlantic Ocean, make the Monsanto Forest Park a very attractive area in terms of landscape. At the top of the park, with the best view over Lisbon, lies the venue for this contest, The Monsanto Panoramic Restaurant.

Admission requirements
The contest is open to all architects, registered or not in their orders or associations, Interns, Students and recent graduates who have not, until the contest start, completed 35 years of age. Multidisciplinary teams are encouraged.

Special Registration: from 15/01/2015 to 15/02/2015: € 20,00
Regular Registration: from 16/02/2015 to 15/03/2015: € 25,00
Extraordinary Registration: from 16/03/2015 to 17/04/2015: € 30,00

About Arqfolium
Arqfolium is a cultural organization that proposes contests for young talents. Our goal is to offer young
professionals: Architects, Engineers, Designers, Photographers, or graduate students, members or not of their respective Chamber or Association, a way to show themselves and to confront in a competition of the sector. The challenges will be created with the intention of mobilizing people for the unavoidable problems of our cities, in a general and extensive reflection but also in a specific situations that require immediate intervention, and that we, young architects and future inhabitants of the cities, concern.

Recognizing the value of an idea and knowing the impact it may have on our future, the platform seeks to be a place of multidisciplinary meeting place to share ideas, projects, visions and analysis without knowing the limits of city or country. Moreover, in a rapidly changing world where sustainable architecture, green design and new materials are inescapable figure of the contemporary and future architectural overview, we believe that the youth of today with tomorrow’s thoughts can be a key to opening up new possibilities and building a better world.

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