Resultados del Concurso Internacional de Arquitectura Fairy Tales

Blank Space anuncio los ganadores de Fairy Tales, primer concurso de cuentos de arquitectura. Se presentaron 300 trabajos provenientes de 50 paises de los cuales surgieron los 3 ganadores y las 10 menciones de honor.

El Primer Premio lo obtuvo el equipo conformado por Kevin (Pang-Hsin) Wang y Nicholas O’Leary por su trabajo Chapter Thirteen (ver proyecto y narrativa).

El Segundo Premio recayo en Anna Pietrzak por su trabajo Man and Ground (ver proyecto y narrativa).

El Tercer Premio fue para Joseph Altshuler, Mari Altshuler y Zachary Morrison por su trabajo Oscar Upon A Time (ver proyecto y narrativa).

Ademas el Jurado ortorgo 10 menciones de honor a:

Detroit S.A.R. por Ya Suo Rania Ghosn (ver proyecto y narrativa)
The Secret Life of New World Towers por Berenika Boberska (ver proyecto y narrativa)
Hypnagogic set of events experienced por Zygmunt Maniaczyk y Marcin Kitala (ver proyecto y narrativa)
Exordium por Posin Wang (ver proyecto y narrativa)
Endeavourism por Mark Rukamathu y Yarinda Bunnag (ver proyecto y narrativa)
Andy’s Window por JooYoung Ham y YooJin Lee (ver proyecto y narrativa)
Untitled por Irena Gajic, Tea Belicev y Marta Gajic (ver proyecto y narrativa)
Ocularcentrism por Gianna Papapavlou (ver proyecto y narrativa)
The Metamorphosis of a Giraffe por Hannah Cook (ver proyecto y narrativa)
A “Flying” Fortress por Artur Dabrowski (ver proyecto y narrativa)

El desafio de la competencia fue descubrir mejores formas de comunicar arquitectura y al mismo tiempo cambiar la forma en que el mundo percibe la arquitectura.

“La necesidad y la voluntad de comunicar mensajes universales resuena con cada trabajo participante de la competencia”, señalo Will Alsop, miembro del jurado del concurso.

Los trabajos ganadores y las menciones de honor, junto con otros trabajos destacados, formaran parte del libro Fairy Tales: When Architecture Tells a Story.

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Blank Space is happy to announce the winners of Fairy Tales, the world’s first architecture storytelling competition. The results of the first ever architecture storytelling competition are in. The response to Fairy Tales was “overwhelming and astonishing”, say the founders of Blank Space, with over 300 entries from 50 countries. The competition marks the first contest organized by the New York City based “office for thought provocation”.

The all-star jury selected 3 winning entries and 10 honorable mentions:

First Place goes to Kevin (Pang-Hsin) Wang and Nicholas O’Leary for their entry Chapter Thirteen. Mesmerizing, powerful images depict a bucolic yet futuristic world where a damsel in distress, Alice as a grown-up, is planning her escape from a setting that is no longer a wonderland, but a city that architecture has rendered unwelcoming and suffocating. Penning the 13th chapter to Carroll’s book, this submission actualizes a profoundly familiar fairy tale setting infused with new architectural forms, while elaborating on architecture’s failures and weaknesses.

Second Place: Man and Ground by Anna Pietrzak. Minimalistic, evocative black and white images accompany a poetic analysis on the role of the ground as an architectural element, and as the co-protagonist of the architect’s life, as a man and as creator.

Third Place: Oscar Upon A Time by Joseph Altshuler, Mari Altshuler & Zachary Morrison. In this collaborative effort between two architects and an elementary schoolteacher, architecture is portrayed as a lifelong companion, changing shapes and growing alongside the protagonist of the story.

“We are glad that when asked to think differently about architecture, so many people were up for the challenge”, the founders say. “Blank Space started exactly for this purpose: to uncover better means to communicate architecture, and in turn, to change the way the world perceives architecture. The response is a testament to the power of these ideas”.

With Fairy Tales, Blank Space received more attention in its first year of activity than most established competitions, and was able to captivate a young audience with a thirst for new creative stimuli. The majority of the participants are aged 18-34: “There is a whole new generation of designers and enthusiasts seeking ideas and opportunities from a variety of creative fields”, the founders add.

“The need and will to communicate universal messages resonates with every entry to the competition”, says Will Alsop, Director at All Design and Fairy Tales jury member. “Each entry is infused with topics and themes both inspired by the participants’ extremely diverse cultural backgrounds and from commonly shared thoughts and preoccupations about architecture’s role in today’s world”.

“I feel like this was the most important aspect this competition brought to light: the fact that architects, designers and creatives from all over the world, while bringing their unique perspective to the challenge, also share some fundamental enthusiasms and preoccupations. Expressing these feelings in the form of a fairy tale, these creatives took it upon themselves to initiate a more inclusive conversation about these issues, which is up to all of us to keep developing”, says Jack Zipes, Professor Emeritus of German and Comparative Literature at the University of Minnesota, and Fairy Tales jury member.

The winning entries, along with the honorable mentions and other notable submissions, will be featured in Fairy Tales: When Architecture Tells a Story, Blank Space’s first publication. The compendium will give readers the opportunity to experience first hand what happens when creatives are encouraged to think in terms of narrative. The book is designed by Spanish designer Vicente Garcia-Morillo, who also designed Blank Space’s identity. Pre-ordering is available for a discounted price of $10 on Blank Space’s website:

Honorable Mentions
The jury chose 10 honorable mentions for the competition:

– Detroit S.A.R. by Ya Suo Rania Ghosn
– The Secret Life of New World Towers by Berenika Boberska
– Hypnagogic set of events experienced by Zygmunt Maniaczyk and Marcin Kitala
– Exordium by Posin Wang
– Endeavourism by Mark Rukamathu and Yarinda Bunnag
– Andy’s Window by JooYoung Ham and YooJin Lee
– Untitled by Irena Gajic, Tea Belicev, and Marta Gajic
– Ocularcentrism by Gianna Papapavlou
– The Metamorphosis of a Giraffe by Hannah Cook
– A “Flying” Fortress by Artur Dabrowski

About Blank Space
Blank Space is an online platform for architecture founded in New York City in 2013. We believe architecture can be more interesting, more fun and more social. We also believe communication is omnipresent, and good communication helps great ideas change the world.

Early on we recognized a split between architecture and the rest of the world by observing how architects only talk to each other, and we set out to change that. Every endeavor that we initiate takes fun very seriously and strives to be audacious enough to ignite imaginations. Through competitions, publications, and projects, we uncover the true power of architecture by creating new opportunities for design to engage the public.

We like to think of Blank Space as an office for thought provocation, challenging architecture to rethink its role in society by speaking about things everybody can relate to, in a language understandable to all.

The Jury

Paula Scher
Partner at Pentagram
New York, NY

Will Alsop
Director at All Design
London, UK

Architectural Cartoonist

Mitchell Joachim
Co-President of Terreform ONE
New York, NY

Jack Zipes
Professor Emeritus of U. Minnesota

Nigel Coates
Founder of Nigel Coates Studio
London, UK

Francesco Lipari
Cofounder of CityVision
Rome, IT

1st Place: 1,250 USD
2nd Place: 600 USD
3rd Place: 400 USD
Honorable Mentions: The jury selected 10 honorable mentions.

Our partners
We have media partnerships with some of the most influential design and architecture websites around the world, including Design-Milk (US), KNSTRCT (US), Archilovers (Europe), Archiportale (Europe), Cityvision (Italy), Europaconcorsi (Italy), E-Architect (UK), Arquimaster (Argentina), Metalocus (Spain), Archi-Ninja (Australia), Arcoweb (Brasil) and ArchStudent. Additionally, the Fairy Tales competition is supported by Vicente Morillo, Graphic Artist.

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