Concurso Charlie Hebdo Portable Pavilion

Bee Breeders convoca a participar del Concurso internacional de arquitectura Charlie Hebdo Portable Pavilion que busca difundir el mensaje de la importancia del derecho a la libre expresion.

La competencia es abierta y podran participar todos los entusiastas de la arquitectura con el objetivo de presentar propuestas de diseño para un pabellon que pueda trasladarse alrededor del mundo.

El registro al concurso cierra el 9 de marzo de 2016.

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There have been a series of recent events that have taken place around the world that have tried to deny people their freedom of speech. Oppression and aggression takes place in countries across the globe on a daily basis, reminding us of the civil liberties that are often taken for granted. Therefore our Charlie Hebdo Portable Pavilion architecture competition is intended to create a travelling structure to exhibit the works of the outspoken publication.

The purpose of the structure is to deconstruct the idea of free speech, reminding visitors that freedom of speech is a luxury not all people can enjoy. The structure should educate people about the situation in countries around the world, and as such participants must think about both the design of the pavilion as well as the contents of the exhibition. The two aspects should be interconnected and demonstrate that sacrificing the liberty of free speech in exchange for security is something that cannot be tolerated.

The competition is not connected to a specific site; the pavilion should be transportable to any location around the world, and as such participants must consider how it can be easily dismantled and reassembled in different locations. Participants are allowed to select any site to demonstrate their designs -given that they explain why they chose that site in particular- but the design concept must be equally suitable in any location around the world.

Participants must consider and explain all the building aspects such as materiality, construction, psychological factors of the design, and exhibition contents.

While the pavilion is meant to be temporary, entries will be judged on their ability to leave enduring social and political footprints.

Competition is open for all. No professional qualification is required. Design proposals can be developed individually or by teams (4 team members maximum).

Correspondence with organizers must be conducted in English. All information submitted by participants must be in English.

3 winning proposals and 6 honourable mentions will be selected. Bee Breeders architecture competition organisers will award a total of US $10,000 in prize money to competition winners as follows:

1st prize winner – US $6,000
2nd prize winner – US $3,000
3rd prize winner – US $1,000

The winners will get international art and design media coverage and will be featured on the Bee Breeders website.

The following media partners have committed to present the current competition and its winners in their publications: Arch20, Archello,, Archilovers, Archinect, Architectur Journal, Wettbewerbe,, Australian Design Review, BauNetz, NIP, ViaVili, WA, World Architecture, World Architecture News and more.

For potential media partners who are also interested in covering the present competition and its winners, please contact us on:

Bee Breeders architecture competition organisers will also acknowledge the outstanding performance of all winners and honourable mentions with Certificates of Achievement.

Jury Panel
Alona Martinez – lecturer, School of Architecture, University of Plymouth, United Kingdom
Andrejs Edvards Rauchut – associate professor at RISEBA and a Fulbright grant recipient, Latvia
Audrey McKee – architect, Renzo Piano Building Workshop, France
Carlos M Guimarães – architect, depA, correspondent of A10 magazine, Portugal
Daphné Karaiskaki – architect, Renzo Piano Building Workshop, France
Fahmi Noor – senior architectural executive, DPA, Singapore
Gemawang Swaribathoro – architect, OMA, Hong Kong
Jenna Dezinski – lecturer, University of Texas, Austin, USA; project designer, Alterstudio Architecture, Austin, Texas, USA
John Paul Rysavy – associate, SHoP Architects, New York City, USA; co-director, And-Either-Or Austin, Texas and Brooklyn, New York, USA
John Simons – architectural designer, KPF, USA
Mandy Too – architectural executive – DPA, Singapore
Pierre-Henri Baudart – architect, Studio Akkerhuis, France
Rajiv J. Fernandez – architectural designer, Tamarkin Co, USA
Simon McGown – partner, CO-office, USA

Key Dates
Early Bird Registration: December 9 – January 13, 2016
Advance Registration: January 14 – February 10, 2016
Last Minute Registration: February 11 – March 9, 2016
Closing date for registration: March 9, 2016
Closing date for submission: March 23, 2016 (11.59 pm GMT)
Announcement of the winners: April 6, 2016

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