Concurso de Ideas Madrid Digital Arts Museum

Ctrl+Space Architectural Competitions convoca a participar del Concurso de Ideas Madrid Digital Arts Museum. La inscripcion cierra el 5 de octubre de 2014.

El concurso tiene como objetivo identificar la mejor propuesta para un Museo de Artes Digitales ubicado en Madrid, España. La competencia esta abierta a estudiantes y profesionales de todas las areas relacionadas con la arquitectura.

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This is a single stage Ideas Competition with the aim of identifying the best proposal of a Museum devoted to the Digital Arts in the centre of Madrid, Spain.

We invite you to create innovative solutions to tackle the challenges presented.

In a way that pushes architectural design and ideas forward, the issue is raised of how the characteristics of Digital Art might be transposed into space, in a way that potentiates a better understanding of the exposed work.

The site chosen to develop this exercise is placed in the central part of Madrid, in one of its more vibrant neighborhoods, Lavapiés. On an urban point of view, this situation brings into question the inherent value of these urban voids, plots devoid of function but not of meaning or importance in the urban fabric. The location in vicinity with a wide array of museums and cultural Equipments enforces the relevance of a cultural function to this site.



A wide range of knowledge in Architecture, Urbanism, Art and Curatorship was taken in account in order to present a group of people with authority in evaluating these subjects. The Jury is composed by an international group of architects, whose experience and professional path proves their profound knowledge and ability in Architectural Design.



A total fund of 5000€ in prize money will be awarded to winning entries and awards of merit. To all the awarded proposals, online promotion will be made through specialized websites and blogs.

First Prize: 3500€

Second Prize: 1000€

Third Prize: 500€

5 Awards of merit, with no monetary prize



This Competition is open to all students and professionals of areas related to Architecture. Multidisciplinary teams are encouraged. We invite you to create innovative solutions to tackle the challenges presented. The winning design will demonstrate a high degree of expression and creativity in fulfilling the program requirements, in accordance with the specific design guidelines here presented.


Registration fees

Registration fees range from 30€ First Stage Registration to 80€ Third Stage Registration.



Jul.15th Launch of the Competition

Jul.25th – Aug.24th First Stage Registration – 30€

Aug.25th – Sept.24th Second Stage Registration – 50€

Sept.25th – Oct.5th Final Stage Registration – 80€

Oct.5th Final date por project submission

Oct.27th Winners announcement

Registration and payment is made through the competition website.


CTRL+SPACE is an online platform that creates and promotes Architectural Competitions

In the daily practice of Architecture, competitions are an important part of the formative experience. When applied to concrete needs, by the mediation of context and content, they demonstrate the added value that architectural discussion can bring to the solution of issues of the community. We provide a launching platform for a community of architects that have interest in making a contribution in their specialty field, keep creatively active and give more visibility to their professional practice.

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